Monday, July 23, 2012

Forget basketball, let's talk bachelorette brackets!

So... who watched last night's Bachelorette finale?  Not you?  Well we have a group of really cool girls that love Bachelor/Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad!  At the beginning of the season we decided to do a bracket, similar to one you would see for the NCAA basketball tournament!  Each week we gathered for drinks, food and a good time at a different person's house.  We really did it up for the finale.  The invite said for us to dress the way Emily would.  Some of us dressed up, some wore jeans, lots of cute jewelry and a cute top and some dressed as her daughter, Ricki!  The host went all out with decorations.... roses and champagne when we walked in, great food, Team Arie cups along with race car paraphernalia, Jef and his People Water, framed pictures of the final two and Emily and special drinks to mark their location!
 I was definitely team Arie, but this is the first season where I was happy with either winning.  I think Jef is a great catch too! I wander if they will last?  Odds are not in their favor!

And off the topic and an update on my running -
Sunday I joined in with three other girls that are training for a marathon.  We met at 6am at a local park.  It was a bit early for a Sunday, but so much fun! And the best part - I finished!   I was so proud and excited that I ran nine miles.   I look forward to running with them again!!
another self portrait

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