Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh my! Yeah, so I've started reading 50 Shades of Grey. I thought I knew what this was going to be like, but boy was I wrong! Hearing about it and actually reading are two different things! It's like a train wreck- I blush reading all these crazy things, yet I can't put it down! Ugh! I already know I'm gonna need to read the other two books!
In other news - I am 24hrs without a computer. My wonderful in-laws got us a mac pro for our bdays and anniversary! I took it yesterday to get all our data transferred from the dell.
I've heard a lot of people talking about training for marathons and running longer distances and that has motivated me to do more. Yesterday I ran 6.3 miles

That was probably the longest I've ran... Ever?! I've done a few 10k, but nothing more - until today!

I ran 7 miles!!! ( the treadmill cut off so it only shows this, but I finished the .14 :) to make an even 7!! I am now considering doing a 1/2 marathon on thanksgiving! We will see if I can keep adding distance!!
And can't leave off cute pics of the babes! Today we met our good buddy at The Natural Science center. The kids had so much fun! There was a fun indoor play area where they grocery shopped

then we went outside to see some animals!

I was hesitant to take them by myself, but it went pretty well! I definitely look forward to going with someone else so they don't have to be restricted to the stroller. It's hard to see all the animals when in the stroller!

And I have to add the cutest thing! Max and Claire probably hang out with their friend Trevor more than any of their other friends. The past two times we have been with him, Claire gets excited and will say "hi Trevor". It is so cute. I love that she recognizes him. When we were leaving the natural science center, she kept saying "bye, Trevor" and even said "I love you" melted my heart!!

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  1. Lol I tried to warn you about that book! And it just keeps getting worse and worse. The third book made me want to poke my eyes out ;)

    Yay on the mac! They are awesome.

  2. Way to go!! I have yet to pick up that book. Maybe once things settle down in the next month or so I'll have a chance to read it, by then I'm sure everyone will be on to the next great thing though. Your little ones are adorable with the shopping cars! We always say Chloe looks like she's pushing a shopping cart when she's walking behind her walker. And Claire said I love you??? Sigh, so sweet. Only the beginning... :)

  3. Claire is so sweet! Trevor loves her too even though he seems to be playing hard to get at the moment:)