Thursday, July 19, 2012

Water bugs

My two babes are loving the water!  After our morning run (HOT) we came back and played in our water table and little pool..... in their birthday suits!
 You can't tell, but I made it an outdoor bubble bath!  They are obsessed with bubbles!
Trying to climb in...

The other night, Justin was in charge of entertaining them while I was doing something (already can't remember) and this is what I walked into - 
Daddy's idea of water play!

And can't leave out Claire's boyfriend, Trevor!  
Claire loves her some Trevor!  She says "bye Trevor" over and over again once we get in the car! Young love :)


  1. Haha you're kids know how to have some fun! Who wouldn't like to play in a pool in their birthday suit? And the kitchen sink? Second best! :)

  2. That guilty face is precious!!!!!!!!!!