Thursday, August 16, 2012


Tonight as I was transferring my iPhone pics to our new mac,I was in shock with how quickly I forgot what it was like with twin babies. I sat and watched so many videos from the early months. Claire noticing her hand for the first time, first solids, max and Claire laughing at each other, Claire being a wild woman (that hasn't changed), so many sweet coos, first time crawling and walking! I had tears in my eyes. Those days seemed to never end and now I barely remember them. I think it may have given me baby fever ;)

YouTube Video

Moving on.... Today we went to a splash park for the first time. It was so much fun and the best part - free!!

Claire and her boyfriend, Trevor!

Already looking forward to our next visit!

Oh - have to share our dinner. I had made the kids mini pizzas on a sandwich thin and they tasted so good. Justin and I had already planned on having tilapia so I just added the pizza topping to the fish!

I mixed 1.5 tbs low fat cream cheese, 3-4 tbs pizza sauce and a few dashes of oregano then topped with fresh spinach and a little bit of Italian cheese.
It was so good!!

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  1. Old pics and videos give me baby fever too! It went by way too quickly, didn't it?

  2. The splash park looks fun! I know you live in the Greensboro area, so I have to ask...where is the splash park? I've been wanting to take Macey to one this whole summer!

  3. Yes, where is there a splash park? We live in High Point!

  4. I know exactly what you mean - I put together an 18 minute long video for Chloe's birthday last week, all clips from my phone of her doing the same things you mentioned. It's funny to look back at what I thought was worthy enough to video, when in reality it's her just sitting there staring at the camera. But I will always treasure those videos and so glad I took them. Your kiddos together at that age were so cute, and still today, and I know they will continue to be adorable as they get older!