Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sensory and paint fun!

This week I have tried a few new activities with Max and Claire.  Tuesday we played with pom poms and pipe cleaners.  They liked the pom poms the best.  They loved how soft they were and would rub them on their faces.  It was also fun using measuring spoons to scoop them out of the egg carton.

They didn't get how to put the pipe cleaners in the holes.

This activity lasted at least 25 minutes!! That's a success in my books!

Wednesday we tried bathtub paint.  It is super easy to make.
1 cup clear baby shampoo
3.5 Tbs cornstarch
food coloring of choice
I just did red and green
We did this activity close to their normal bath time, so when they were finished and ready to clean up, they could just take a bath.  It made for a quick bubble bath.
 They were pretty timid at first, just feeling the paint with their fingers, but towards the end they were decorating their body and had almost painted one side of the tub!

They were not happy when I took the paint away, but tears turned to smiles when they saw all the bubbles the paint made!!

This has been a great week for us! not including today Monday-Wednesday we were tantrum free! and Max was happy and all smiles.  Made it so much easier on me, especially since Justin was out of town. They have almost gone two weeks with sleeping past 6:30 - which is huge for us.  Today they both slept til 7:15!!! On days they wake up past 7, we take one nap and on days before 7, they take two naps.  Ultimately, they are happier with two naps - which is why today they both were super cranky before lunch.  
Went to their open house for Parent's Morning Out last night.  They start next Tuesday and we are all super excited.  


  1. How fun! I'll definitely have to try these activities when Chloe is a bit older. I hadn't even thought of making your own bathtub paint. And yay for no tantrums! :)

  2. These are all ideas that I've seen and wondered about, so I like reading your feedback!

    1. I like your idea of an activity swap!! I saw a cool one for play dough so that will be next!