Saturday, September 15, 2012

Times two

Would you believe me if I told you Max also has hand,foot and mouth virus?  It's true. Today has been rough on all of us. Not only did max not sleep last night, he didn't all day today either. Poor thing has blisters in his mouth, has no interest in eating and torn to pieces bc it is to painful to suck on his paci :(. After an afternoon of hell, I called our ped - on her cell! Asking for ideas to help the pain. She told us about an old trick to put benadryl in a spray bottle and spray the back of his throat - it would help numb it.

Late afternoon we took them to get frozen yogurt. A friend suggested this as she had done it with her son when he had this. Sure enough, Max was in heaven - something that felt good! And tasted great!  After ice cream we walked to the park - had some smiles but turned into yawns and tears so we headed home.... To find out Claire had a 101.5 temp :( my poor babies :(. Neither would eat dinner, Claire wouldn't even drink her milk. Both went to bed at 6:30 and haven't heard a peep so far... Hopefully the Benadryl and ibuprofen are working miracles and we will all get some much needed sleep!
I'm hoping and praying none of their friends get this. It's a mean virus.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this Kelly! I hope everyone gets some rest tOnight xo

  2. I hate to hear Max has HFM! It is the worst thing Cohen has ever had!! :( We also tried benedryl mixed with maylox in his mouth but he would not eat for 5 days and only wanted cold milk to drink. I was so worried about dehydration. Glad he enjoyed some frozen yogurt. Give him and Claire a big hug from us! I'll be praying your babies feel better real soon!!!!

  3. Aww, man....that sounds just awful. Poor little buddy. And now sweet girl too? Ice cream always makes me feel better though, nice treat mom! :)

  4. D gave this to me and it was the worst sore throat I ever had. I couldn't even eat lunch meat because the salt would get in the sores in my throat. I instantly knew why D didn't eat for drink for days. Be careful not to get it yourself, hope they feel better soon.