Thursday, October 11, 2012


My two cute pumpkins met one of their playgroups at the pumpkin patch today.  It was a beautiful day, perfect for picking out a pumpkin!
We had to do a little photo shoot at the house before we left.
She looks mad, but she is trying to get me to sing "The Wheels on the Bus" (She's doing round and round with her arms!)
LOVE him!
Too busy for pictures.  They were ecstatic to have pretzels and juice! (we don't drink juice at home)
Buds doing his own thing and trying to sneak more juice!
My beautiful girl!

Tomorrow is my bday!! They have Mother's Morning Out, so I will treat myself to a mani/pedi and meet a friend for lunch!


  1. Love her shirt! Hope you have a happy birthday!

  2. Hi Kelly. Jennifer sent me your blog forever ago. Enjoy seeing all your pics. Your children are beautiful. -Cara

  3. Oh my goodness - those gorgeous lips and blue eyes - could your babies be any more beautiful?? And Happy Birthday a day late! Hope it was FABULOUS!!!