Monday, November 5, 2012

Old routines

Tonight we had small group Junior League meetings.  I really enjoy these....nice and intimate.  They take place at Sustainers' homes.  This one in particular was sooooo beautiful.  I didn't want to leave!

We also had a past president there to speak. This lady was probably 90 years old, still lived on her own and was as cute as could be.  She reminded me of my grandmother and made me start reminiscing about her.  As she was speaking, she mentioned going to The University of Duke.  My grandfather went there as well so I went to introduce myself and ask her if she knew my grandfather... she did and turns out she was close to my grandmother's sister!! Small world!

We talked about (as a group) about daily routines.  Mrs. Stern shared her top five on daily routine:

1.  Eat breakfast... she always had eggs, bacon, toast, a cup of fruit and coffee with her husband.  However, since he has passed, she just has dry cereal.  I remember my grandparents having a similar breakfast!
2.  Exercise  She exercises every day. Still!  She does leg lifts and 40-60 crunches and stretches!  Remember, she is 90!!
3.  Read  She never goes to bed with out a good book!
4.  Scotch!  2oz of scotch every day!
5.  i'm forgetting one... oh gosh!  .. .maybe it was sleep?!

Anyways, wonderful lady!

Today was a rough day.  The babes woke up at 5 am.  I'm exhausted.  They both have bad colds.  Max has not been very sweet.  He has been pushing Claire and not being a good listener.  I'm thinking that this is terrible twos?  Anyone?  I tried to put him in a timeout chair and he just laughed.  This Mommy does not think it is funny!
Tomorrow is a new day and only three more days until they can go to school! ( Off tomorrow :(  )


  1. Scotch?! That's so funny. My son turned two in October and this past month or so has been ROUGH. He won't sit in a shopping cart, he doesn't listen, and he throws everything. There are days where I think he just wants to destroy stuff. My daughter was so easy. She was easy to entertain and would sit and read books or play alone. I'm just hoping it gets better. He sits in time out a lot. If he gets up I just put him right back in time out.

  2. Scotch? Never tried it, but maybe that's the answer to dealing with my own case of terrible twos times 2??