Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Favorite Things!

Last night I went to a Favorite Things Party.  Before this invitation, I had never heard of this.  There were eight girls and we were to each bring four of our favorite things.  We capped the price at $6 each. It's kinda hard to find things we love under $6.  One of my favorite things is OPI Red nail polish.  I love red.  I think it looks so classy, especially on shorter,square nails.

We all picked a frame that matched us or our favorite theme then put our fave things behind them.  Our hostess always goes above and beyond to make it a great party, like The Bachelorette party she hosted this past summer!

Then we filled out a favorite thing survey and placed it in someone else's bag.  The hostess started by picking four names out of a jar. (each of our names were put in four times).  The four names received her four favorite things.  Then she read the survey that was in her bag and we had to guess whose it was...then that person drew four names, etc..

This party was so much fun.  I walked away with some great things.

Lip gloss, appetizer, gift card, lip balm and note pads
There was also hair bands (like for workouts), more lip balm, hand cream, and ornaments.

I found this link on Pinterest and it is really close to how our party went down!  AND we saw a few clips from Magic Mike!  A few of us had never seen it, so we went up to their movie room and saw some of the top scenes ;)

Have you ever been to a Favorite Things party? What would your favorite thing be?!


  1. How fun! I was invited to one last month, but couldn't make it and I think it ended up getting cancelled due to others not being able to make it either. It sounds like a great idea though and I love your contribution of OPI nail polish!

  2. I love this idea! if I had to bring one item under $10, I would either choose a Uniball gel pen (I love a good writing pen) or Burt Bee's Gud body wash.

  3. I wish I had ended up with one of yours!;).