Sunday, December 23, 2012

Too close to two!

It's true.  Max and Claire are less than a month away from their second birthday.  How could that be?  In just one month, my 5.13 lb and 6 lb baby will be two.
 I can't say too much has changed since last month EXCEPT their vocabulary.  Each day I hear a new word or a new sentence come out of their mouth and each time it takes me by surprise.  I love hearing them talk.  They both have the sweetest voices.  (except when they are whining ;) )

Claire still loves to dance and sing.  Her favorite song at school is "brown squirrel".  She knows the dance moves to the song and can sing part of it.  It is one of the cutest things I've seen!  Recently she has been saying "hold me" and has been a mini me.  She copies everything so I have been trying to be on my best behavior.
They both have learned to stall at bedtime. Our one to two songs has turned into four to five songs. Her newest is asking for "Jesus" and she knows I don't turn down "Jesus" songs!  She loves her baby doll and especially loves to take her for a stroll.  She is a nuturer.  At school they say she always makes sure the other kids are ok....especially Max and her boyfriend, Trevor!  Her newest favorite activity is to color and she knows quite a few colors.  Her favorite seems to be purple.

Buds is such a little man.  He can be the sweetest boy around or a terror.  The tantrums have been a little rough lately.  BUT when he is in a good mood, nothing makes me happier!  He gives the best bear hugs and the sweetest kisses.  He loves his sister.  Recently he has been a Daddy's boy!  He wakes up asking for daddy.  He loves trucks.  He also loves to wear Daddy's shoes.  He is a good sleeper. He would sleep Really good if Claire didn't wake him up.  When she wakes up before him, she whines until he wakes up.  His new favorite activity is to play with puzzles.  He is really good at them.  He grabs our hand, takes us to the puzzle and tells us to sit on our ba-ba (bottom) and will do the same puzzle over and over again.
There is no greater joy!  Can't wait to experience Christmas through their eyes!


  1. They are beautiful!

    Isn't the language explosion amazing? Even now, at 2 and a half, I find myself wondering, "Where in the world did they learn that??"

    Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family, friend!

  2. claire looks like libbo in the last picture!!!