Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

We were supposed to go to Charlotte this weekend to spend time with Justin's family, but last minute had to switch weekends. (Hope you are feeling better!) As much as we were looking forward to a weekend away, we made the best of our weekend here!
Friday night Max and Claire experienced their first Japanese restaurant.  Neither ate any Japanese food, but had a good time watching them cook.  It took Max a while to warm up. He freaked out when they made the big fire!
Our Big girl!!

They both have pretty yucky colds so we stayed at home most of the day Saturday.  We did have their buddy, Trevor over to watch basketball.  They are so cute together!

Today Daddy played golf and Nanny watched Max and Claire so I could go for a run.  Thanks to Liz and her husband, I banked eight miles!

Our 1/2 marathon is about a month away.  This is the longest I have run since the Thanksgiving 1/2 marathon.... time to start longer runs.  It definitely helps to run with other people for long runs.  I know that had I not gone with Liz and Alec, I would have done four on the treadmill.  

When I got back to Mom's to pick up Max and Claire, mom said they had been playing with my old cabbage patch dolls. 
This is how Claire covered them up for nap....
This cracks me up!  No idea why she covered their faces.  I promise that is not how I put them down for naps!


  1. Yay for 8 miles! I just told Christian that we need to take Macey out to a hibachi dinner soon!

  2. My son has a special mini blankie for his Teddy and puts it over his face like that too. Kids are so funny!