Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby Fever

I think I have it!  It seems that everyone around me either just had a baby or is expecting.  Today, one of my best friends had her baby girl.  She already has twin boys that just turned four.  She struggled with infertility like I did, but was blessed with baby girl on her own!
She is so sweet.  She was telling me all about the c-section and her experience.  It has changed so much in two years.  She was able to watch the whole thing and hold her immediately.  She then stayed with her in recovery.
I did not get to hold Max and Claire until I was out of recovery and they came to me already bathed.  As I was leaving tonight, they were just giving her a bath then Mom has to do skin to skin for an hour.  I would have LOVED to have that opportunity!

Of course, this fever could change as soon as mine start having tantrums tomorrow ;)


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  2. Oh look at those cheeks! Adorable! That's awesome that the mom was able to interact with the baby so quickly. We had our pre-registration at the hospital yesterday and I didn't ask many details about a c/s, but now I'm thinking I should have.

  3. Is this at Women's? I had a c-section with Macey at Women's in 2010 and I couldn't see until after recovery too and she was already bathed :( This makes me excited that I get to be more involved next time!

  4. I was told with my c-section that it was because they were twins I wasn't allowed to hold them (considered high risk). But maybe that's just my hospital?!? I would have loved to hold my babies!