Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WW Week 1

Yesterday marked my first week back on Weight Watchers.  I tracked 80% of the time.  It's easy to track when you just have to write "apple" , "orange" , "egg", but if I have to break something down, I tend to skip it or guess.  That's not smart, and I know that.  I worked out 5/7 days last week.

So it's Tuesday, meeting day.  I weigh myself before leaving and I did not lose.a.pound.  Not cool.  I still went to meeting, but chose not to weigh in. {Being a lifetime member, I only have to weigh in once a month}  I should have done it just to hold myself accountable.  Today is a new day.

Everything was going good until I got a sweet tooth and an itch to bake.  I made a penuche cake.  Just a little piece of heaven!  I did lighten it up by using greek yogurt and water in the cake mix, but the icing was FULL of fat :/  I gave some to two friends and Justin had a big piece for dessert.... and I did not measure, but it's safe to say I had two pieces.  I went over points today.  But that is OK.  I have extra points for the week and a lot of activity points.

I have three friends who have also signed up.  This is great encouragement and will definitely help with Girls' Night Out!

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