Wednesday, July 17, 2013

From the Mouth of Toddlers

Just a few things Max and Claire have said lately.....

Claire's excuse for everything involving Max
"well, he's my brother.... so"

The other morning Justin asked Max and Claire what they wanted for breakfast, doughnuts (mommy wanted) or eggs.
She replied, "f*ck"  and kept saying it over and over
OMG! I couldn't believe my ears.  I know I have let words slip, but not that one!  I can't, for the life of me, figure out what she was trying to say.  I couldn't help but laugh, which encouraged her to keep saying it.  Finally, I said, 'do you mean frog' and she said "yes".  That's not what she meant, but I didn't want her to keep saying it.

Today we went to the Zoo/Aquarium and we were talking about all the animals we were going to see. Out of nowhere they were saying, "don't get me monkeys". I reminded them that all the animals were behind cages and fences.
The rest of our trip, Max kept telling Claire, "don't be scared, the monkeys are in suitcases!"  I couldn't help but to laugh!

We were riding on escalators today and Max kept saying, "I want to ride the alligator!"

Max has been pretty funny when Justin or I are talking.  He has asked us, "why are we talking"  Really, kid?!

When I have to tell Max 'no' (which is quite often), he gets upset and says, "you just told me no!" in a whiny/sad voice!  Yes, yes I did tell you no!


  1. Suitcases. HA! :) I should start writing down the funny stuff Drew says.

  2. My girls called escalators "alligators" too lol!

  3. is that Claire in the background of Max playing ping pong?:) I love the suitcases one!