Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I get so many comments about how tall Max is.  I have been waiting and waiting to go to the Dr. to see his percentages and estimated height as an adult.
We had flu shots scheduled for today.  Our pediatrician is pregnant and will be on maternity leave for our three year well visit, so today she did their height and weight percentages!!

39 lbs  98%
40 1/4 in  99%

Buds is a big boy!!  Based on his growth chart, he could be b/t 6'4-6'6!! Holy Moly!  Time to start playing ball!

33 lbs  83%
36 3/4 in  56%

Based on her growth chart, she will probably be 5'5-5'6.  I think that's the perfect height!
She has gone up in weight percentages and down in height!  Dr. was happy with both of them so that's good!

We had a busy day today.  After the dr. appt., we went to the library, Children's museum, try on shoes and got lunch to go!  The Children's Museum was dead, we practically had the place to ourselves!

Little Mommy!

Future Doctor!

Doing what they love!
 So thankful for happy days :)

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  1. He's over 40 inches long?!? Holy cow! Get that boy into basketball now! :)