Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Big Guy

That's what we call Max Man.  The big guy got on the scale today (with clothes on) and weighed 40 pounds!  Really looking forward to finding out their percentiles at the next doctor visit.

Love this smile :)
With one of his bffs, Jack!
Speaking of big.... the other night we went out to dinner with friends, and for the first time, the kids had their own table!  They were all pretty good.  It also helped that we were outside ;)

update on Ok To Wake:  seems to be working!  For the most part, they have slept until the light turned green.  The only slight problem (for us) is Max saw it turn green while rolling over.  He immediately got up bc it was green.  I know he could have slept longer.  He doesn't grasp that you can keep sleeping even though the light is on!  Today they both slept until 7:15!  That's a heck a lot better than 5:30 :)

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