Monday, November 11, 2013

Girls' Getaway!

A little late on this, but last weekend, me and seven other girls (moms) had a weekend away!  It was glorious!  We went to Beech Mountain, NC.  Liz's family has a place there and it was perfect!
This was my first girls' weekend since the kids have been born.

We went to wineries, ate, hiked, drank wine, ate, shopped, slept in, and enjoyed no schedules!

Banner Elk Winery was my favorite, not bc of the wine, but I loved the fire pit!

Saturday morning we went for a hike.  And when I say hike, I mean walking straight up a ski slope.  Thanks, Liz! The view made every step worth it!

After the hike, we got makeovers (thanks liz and brit) and headed to lunch.  Somehow we managed to take the scenic route which meant extra windy roads.  Most of us were feeling a little queasy and two actually got car sick.  Ick.  We had to pull over on the side of the road!
We finally got to Blowing Rock and had a delicious lunch, then hit up the outlets.  We were only at the outlets for a short period of time before we decided to go to one more winery.

Sadly, my camera was dead so I didn't get any pics on my own and I haven't saved our group pics to my phone.  I'll have to update with group pics soon!

We all decided that since the guys (and parents) did such a wonderful job, we need another weekend SOON!!

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