Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ninja Warriors

Last Tuesday Max and Claire started Ninja Warriors, a Taekwondo class for kids ages 3-5.  I was originally just signing Max up, then when the owner said it was 30% sibling discount, free uniform and they would be working on respect and discipline, I knew I had to sign Claire up as well.

It is so cute to watch.  All the kids love to say, "hiya" and look at themselves in the mirror.  Max loves it and does pretty well.... as long as he is not following what his sister is doing.  Claire... well, she's Claire! She kind of does her own thing.  Taekwondo is not her thing!

Today was their first day to wear their outfits.  Claire refused.  She insisted on this random pajama shirt and soft pants.  Wasn't going to fight it.  She ended up sitting on my lap half the class.

Ninja Max!
In other news....
today I went to the gym for the first time in a month!  I just walked at a medium pace for 40 minutes.  It felt so good to be back in there!  Can't wait to really get back!  I have my post op follow up next Wednesday. I'll feel more comfortable adding activity once I meet with my doctor.

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  1. How adorable! Looks like Max is a natural and hopefully over time Claire will get more into it as well.