Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Double Trouble

Twins = Double Trouble

Today has been one of the most challenging days I've had in a while.  The three's have not been kind to me.  While they are learning, exploring, growing and turning into little people that make me laugh everyday, they have also been giving me gray hair.

Yes, they are typical three year olds, but they feed off of each other big time.  They have started ganging up on me.  Today I let them play in the sprinkler and ended up knocking off an outside bath at the same time!  It was all fun and games until I said it was time to go inside.  Max took his soaking wet shorts and chucked them at my head then Claire picked up the sprinkler and pointed it to me then proceeded to run around the yard naked .  I finally got her dry and inside and went to catch Max.... somehow she got by me and ran around the yard again.  AHHHHHH  At this point I had had it.  I had no patience left.  It was nap time.  I sent Claire in her room to get underwear and something to sleep in. As I was walking back there, I noticed a wet floor.  She had peed all over her floor. (not to mention our cleaning lady came today).  She peed on the floor and she did it bc she was mad at me.  This is the second time she has done this. ARG!

Good thing she's cute!
Max had his share of tantrums today.  Most revolved around TV.  I have had to really limit how much tv he watches.  He is addicted and wants to watch Paw Patrol or Sofia the First all the time.  He has actually demanded it. Some days I feel like their butler... (yes, I know that I am the adult and can put a stop to this behavior)

Enough complaining... There is no greater joy than my two children!  They are double the love and fun!

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  1. When I first saw this story pop up in my feed I saw Claire's picture and thought how adorable!! She's still adorable of course, but I'm sorry to hear about the frustrations that led to that picture being taken. I have hard days with one almost three year old, so I really can't imagine having two who like you said feed off of each other. Whew, those days are hard - no sugar coating it. Hang in there!!