Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We had an overcast and rainy few days last week.  We took the opportunity to go see Planes 3D.  This was only the second movie Max and Claire have been to, the first one being Frozen.  I was little unsure about them wearing the 3D glasses.  Max did great and wore them the whole time, sat still and really enjoyed the movie.  Claire did well, but got restless at time and fell asleep the last 20 minutes.
Ugh..went to upload some cute pics of them in their glasses, but it's not in my photo stream? It's in my album.  This is the second time I've started a post and not had the picture to go with it.  :(
So here are two of my favorite that are on there!

Little mommy with her twins!

All boy! Loves his cars!

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