Sunday, August 17, 2014

LBI 2014

A week later and I am finally posting about our yearly trip to LBI.  This is one of my favorite vacation places.
One of my favorite parts of the trip is doing family pictures!  I choose colors based on the outfit I pick out for Max and Claire.  This year our colors were royal blue and yellow and I loved how they turned out!
A few of my favorites:

Probably my absolute favorite! I could look at this all day, every day!

Not so easy to hold both of them anymore!

This summer, Max wanted to be in the water the whole time we were on the beach.  He was a machine! We introduced both of them to the boogie board.  Loved it!

Loved getting ice cream treats from the Ice cream truck!

Learning how to fly a kite with Grandpa and Daddy!

So happy to have kids that love the beach as much as we do!  One more beach trip scheduled before school starts!


  1. Good choice going with the yellow! I think it's so fun that you do an annual family trip, I wish we did something like that. Guess we can always start now! :)