Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Is it time for school yet?

Today was rough.  I mean really rough.   The short story...

We were supposed to be getting our yard aerated tomorrow but I remembered our tv cables are underground.  I had to call a company that comes out and marks underground wires, etc.  Anywho... as I was trying to talk to the customer service rep, Claire kept whining and talking and getting louder.  I tried to go close myself in the playroom and as I did, I slammed my hand in the door.

knot right under my knuckles and swollen hand
I was so mad, I was crying... then the crying didn't stop.  Then Claire calls and tells me she needs help. {She was in bathroom} As I walk in, I notice pee everywhere.... wall, floor, toilet seat and floor.  She had to have stood up on the toilet, had to! Girlfriend has been potty trained for a year.  She knows where the pee goes and the wall is not one of the places.
No words
After I cooled off we went the pool.  It was empty since all the big kids are in school so we basically had the pool to ourselves.  So thankful for my good friends.  It was so nice to be able to melt down and talk and know they would listen.

Thankfully we have one more beach trip then back to school!!

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