Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas pics take 1!

Yesterday, with the help of my Mom, we attempted to take Christmas pictures.  I had planned on doing them while we were in Charlotte for Thanksgiving, but forgot Max's green vest.  
We had a good talk going into the picture taking about how if they were good, it would be done quick and they could have a special treat and we would go to the park.... well... they didn't remember our talk.  I wasn't thinking about what time of day it was.  2:00. lots of sun and shadows and around what would have been a nap time.  All important factors.  Here are a few of my favorites that we will not be using for Christmas card.

Great pic, but has shadows


LOVE this one of the Buds!

He had no idea I was taking his pictures!

Silly guy!
Beautiful girl!  This was after Max pushed her for no reason and she fell and scraped her hands.  That was the end of picture taking!

Then this guy started crying.  
I think next year I will pay the money to have a photographer take our pics :)

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