Thursday, March 26, 2015

4 yr well check

Yesterday Max and Claire had their four year old well check (4yr, 2m).  I was pretty nervous going in because they each had to get four shots!  We talked about it ahead of time and I promised frozen yogurt afterward.  I had my mom come a long so they wouldn't have to watch the other get the shots. Claire went first and did great! didn't flinch, say ouch or cry!  Then the buds went and I was a little more nervous, but he did great too!  No tears!  They were so brave!!

They had an eye and ear test, checked blood pressure, and of course, had measurements!

49 lbs  98th %
45 in  off the charts!

40 lbs  80th%
41 3/4 in 82nd %

Healthy and growing kids!!

Fro Yo for being so brave!

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  1. LOL! at off the charts & I'm glad this was a tear-free experience for you guys. It was a 30 minute cryfest for us :(