Friday, April 3, 2015

35 weeks!

How far along? 35 weeks
Weight gain? I'm a cow - officially at the weight I delivered Max and Claire. ugh
Symptoms? some swelling in legs, pelvic pressure, braxton hicks
Cravings? been eating WAY too much sugar. actually think I'm getting tired of it!

Movement?  A lot.  I'm going to miss that feeling!
What I miss? Pre-baby body - didn't think I'd ever wish for that back!
What I look forward to? Appt this week (tuesday) This will start my weekly appointments!

Still no name. Ugh. And I have a little sprinkle this week so that means no monogram :(  Alice Katherine has been one of my favorite (She could have the same name Kate and William's possible baby girl!) tried to tell Justin that it was a sign, but he didn't buy it!  We still agree on one other name, which it will prob. be, but might as well keep that quiet since we have waited THIS long!

Only four more weeks til we meet #3! We have a second showing at our house tomorrow so hopefully we will have an offer!!

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  1. No you look beautiful! Seriously you look like all baby bump. Have a wonderful time at your sprinkle and fingers crossed this showing will bring an offer!