Thursday, June 18, 2015

Life Lately

This past week has been crazy busy for the Fredrick family.  We finally got an offer on our house and accepted!  We don't close until July 30th, so hopefully everything will go smoothly. My cousin, mom and I have been moving things by carloads over to the rental.  I have almost emptied the kitchen, linen closets, most of our closets, playroom, and pictures/frames.  We mostly have big items and things in the attic.  Originally we were going to hire movers to help, but somehow that has turned into Justin taking off work and renting a U-haul.  Hmmm.. that means just the two of us moving our house.  He has promised not to cuss and stay happy while moving big items -- we will see!

We have had record high temps this week and have tried to stay cool at the pool!  Even Miss Kate wore her bikini to stay cool!

Max and Claire have turned into big fish!  Their swimming skills have really improved.  Max has even started doing back flips in the water!

There have been a lot of snuggles with baby Kate!

Oh! How can I forget Claire's first dance recital?! She rocked her ballet and tap dances! We were so proud of her!

Her biggest fan brought her flowers!

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  1. What a week! First of all, congratulations on selling your home!! And ooh lady, I hope the move goes well! :) We finally decided we were over moving ourselves and hired movers this time and man it was nice. I don't think we'll ever move ourselves again, although we shouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. Kate in that swim suit has me swooning over her cuteness! And Claire looks beautiful in her dance costume.