Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dress for dinner

Justin and I celebrated eight wonderful years of marriage on July 7th!  I always fail in the gift giving and lack creativity... until this year! A friend had mentioned a package you could purchase at The Proximity, a local hotel.  It was voted "World's best city hotels" in Travel and Leisure magazine back in 2013!  Anyway, the package is called Dress for Dinner and you check in at noon and "enjoy a romantic rendezvous that includes a bottle of wine, candied cashes, romantic music, bubble bath and turndown service in the loft king spa room".

 12-8 is a long time for child care!  We took the big kids to a local drop off service (that is awesome) from 12-4 and kept Kate with us, then Mom and Dad took all three for the rest of the time. Kate was awake the whole time so she chilled with Justin watching golf, and I headed to the pool to read and relax! It was heavenly!
turndown service

Bubble bath, good book and wine! 

It was a perfect day.  If we had just gotten a babysitter, we would have spent time doing yard work, cleaning, or doing our own things.  This allowed us to focus on each other and actually sit and relax. It is so nice not having anything to do!  We both agreed we need to do this again!

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  1. What a wonderful treat for your anniversary! Glad you two got some time together, especially with how crazy things have been with moving/selling your home, all while caring for three kids.