Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kate ~ 3 months!

It's so hard to believe that Kate is already 3 (and a half) months!  She is seriously the best baby! She sleeps, plays, eats, and sleeps some more!  She only cries when she is hungry or tired.

We are behind on many post, but mostly because we have been away having fun at the beach.  Kate has already been to the beach twice!  First trip was to NJ (more on that later) and she did fabulous on the car ride up!

Sleep: If we are home and able, she will take about 3 naps a day and will usually nap 1.5-2.5 hrs!
Night time.... still working on getting more sleep.  She usually goes down around 8 and wakes up around 1am and 4:30ish.  I think she did a little better when she was having a bottle at night.

Eating: I am so happy that this is going well!  She has had only breast milk and has been, for the most part, exclusively breast feeding since we went to NJ.  I was soooo tired on that trip and only pumped twice.  Nursing is so much easier than having to pump and give bottle!  It also helps considering I was running out of freezer room. I have now donated milk twice, have plenty in our freezer and a large cooler full was taken to a friend's deep freezer!
During the day she usually goes 3-4 hours and at night, if I am lucky, I can get a 5 hour stretch.

I'm guessing she is around 12 lbs.  She is starting to be to long for her 3 month jammies.

She is very alert.  She has recently started grabbing her toys and toes!  Her hand is constantly in her mouth... so not ready for a teether!

She loves when we sing to her ~ especially The Wheels on the Bus!  Max and Claire are always around to provide entertainment ;)
She also loves her play mat and rocking chair.

OMG! Love this little girl so much! Really trying to soak up every single minute with her!  Love those sweet cheeks!!

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