Monday, September 28, 2015

21 Day Fix

I've been wanting to blog about this for a while. I just finished my second round (that's six weeks).  I loved it and still love it!  The first round I was very strict.  Surprisingly, I only lost three pounds.  I did take pics and measure before, but couldn't tell a whole lot.  I could, however, tell in my clothes.  I am now able to wear most of my pre pregnancy clothes! After completing the second round, I am down eight pounds.
The second round I didn't follow as strict, but had a better handle on my portions and making sure I was eating a lot of protein and veggies!

I have friends doing other "diet" plans, but what I really like about the 21 day fix, is it teaches you portion control, really focuses on how much of each food group you should have, real foods, and workout.  It comes with a set of dvds and you do a different workout each day.  It's the total package! I chose to add the shakeology.  I didn't love it at first, but really enjoy it now!

I eat a lot of eggs and spinach for breakfast.  My favorite lunch is usually a salad with peppers, cucumbers, chicken or taco meat.  I mainly use salsa as my dressing and I LOVE it!  Occasionally I add a orange container of yogurt ranch.  I could eat this every meal!

For snacks, I have a shakeology, portioned out grapes (or other fruit), or carrots.

Claire has been my workout buddy.  I don't think she has missed a workout! She is so proud of herself (and I am too!) and always comments that she is getting so strong!

My husband's cousin is a Beachbody coach and invited me to do a facebook challenge with her group.  It lasted three weeks.  There were many teams competing.  Every day you had the ability to get three points. 1-post at least one healthy meal you had that day, 2-workout every day, and 3-do the extra workout that they post each day.  Those workouts could be anything from mountain climbers, wall sits, planks, squats, etc...  At the end of the challenge if you had the max points each week and posted a pic to the group, you were entered in to win a fitbit!  The challenge was a great motivator and I hope to do one in October as well!

I was pleasantly surprised how full I stayed.  I think there were only two days out of the six weeks that I felt hungry. I was worried I would miss my carbs, but I didn't.  I stayed away from most pasta bc I have a hard time staying in control with that.  I'm going to continue doing the plan, but allowing treats every now and then.  It really is a way of life now.  Even Justin has been following this plan with me!

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  1. I'm loving it too! I saw you and so many people join so I finally joined. My goal was to lose some weight before my SIL's wedding next week... but now I'm really liking the extra energy. It's amazing how out of control my portions were before. I miss pasta but I have managed to resist. My girls are doing some workouts with me too and now my husband is joining in. So our experiences are really similar! Good luck as you keep going!!!