Monday, October 12, 2015

Kate ~ 5 months!

I have had this post ready to go since Oct. 4th.  For some reason I can't figure out how to get my pics from my phone to automatically transfer to computer.  Sometimes it does, other times it takes days?

Miss Kate is five months!  She is still the sweetest baby and we love every second with her!

She is really a happy baby and still only cries when she is hungry or tired.  She is exclusively breast fed ~ this is a huge accomplishment for me.  I pumped for 10 months with Max and Claire and had to supplement the whole time.  I love every minute of nursing Kate.  I love our time together.  It really is the sweetest bond. She is a very quick eater.  She usually on nurses for seven minutes tops.  She can go around four hours during the day, but has still been waking at night almost every three hours.  I know she can go longer, but I really don't mind bc she is so quick and goes right back to sleep.

This little piggy loves bath time!
I wasn't planning on starting solids for another month, but this weekend, her older cousin was here and she seemed interested in her food.  I bought some oatmeal to try.  She has had it once and seemed to like it.

When she is not running around doing things with Max and Claire, she likes to take three naps a day. Usually lasting 1hr-2.5hrs.
She is not a fan of being in her car seat.
She loves her new exersaucer!
Can't believe our little peanut is almost six months old.  Time needs to slow down!

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