Monday, November 2, 2015

A Spooky Good Time!

This past week was full of dressing up and Halloween fun! Their school had a Trunk or Treat, parade, and of course, we went trick or treating with our playgroup friends Saturday night.

We had a Ninja Turtle, Hello Kitty and a precious little cow!

little pumpkin sitting in car waiting for the rain to let up

The trunk or treat was moved inside due to rain.  The kids didn't mind!
Hello Claire Kitty
Pie toss!
Max was the line leader for his class

Trying to get a class picture!

Halloween afternoon we went to the Gill's house.  This is our third year going over there. We got there at 4:30, the kids played, ate, and at 6, we were ready to hit the streets!

Just the girls! I'm an egg :) Justin was bacon!
organized chaos!
I absolutely love our Happy Hour/playgroup friends.  I am (and the kids) going to miss this group so much when we move.

My three krazies!

The sweetest cow I ever did see!

blurry, but loved how one of the dads (who is a principal) had all the kids lined up in between houses.  They each got to be the line leader! Once we go to a house he would say, "go" and they would run up to the house!


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  1. Look at all those cute kiddos! We had a ninja turtle too. :)