Sunday, December 13, 2015

Kate ~ 7 months

My little Punky punk is 7 (and 9 days) months old! This year is flying by and it makes me so sad.... Seven months is one of my favorite months! She can sit unassisted, only falling every now and then, laughs, interacts with us, and isn't too mobile!

Kate loves:
Laughing at Max and Claire
Smiling at Daddy
Chewing on everything
Jumping in her jumparoo/exersaucer things
The wheels on the bus song

Sleep: still a work in progress.  She still wakes up every 3-4 hrs at night.  We have tried CIO a few times, but end up caving.  She gets mad if I try to give her her paci (which she can do herself). She just wants to nurse.  She is a good napper.  If she had a day without interruptions she would take 3 naps.  Usually she takes two, lasting around 2 hours.

Eating: She is exclusively breast fed.  I am so proud of us!  I am trying to give her more baby food. She still loves carrots and sweet potatoes.  I tried giving her big people sweet potato and avocado and she wasn't sure about it! BUT always wants what we are eating.  I have given her a piece of bread and she loved that... go figure!

Play: She loves baths!  I still have her in her baby tub.  After I finish washing her, I tell her to kick her feet and she goes to town!  It is so cute!  She loves her exersaucer, especially jumping in it. She is loving the freedom of being on a big blanket - and even more so when big bro and sis aren't here to mess with her.  She can sit for a pretty long time.  If on her tummy, she can make her way to where she wants to go.  Kind of an army crawl and roll to what she wants... very determined!

She is still a little peanut! She wears a lot of 3-6 months still, but i have been buying 9 month footed pjs. size 2 diapers

Love this sweet girl so much.

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