Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Kate ~ 18 Months

One and a Half. What the what?!! Our precious punker punker punker punk is growing up so fast.  She is so fun to be around and has the cutest personality.  She pretty much just goes with the flow.  She adores Max and Claire.  She likes to cuddle with Max and follow Claire around.
Her cheese face is awesome.  We ask her to say it 38284 times a day :)  Another favorite is how sweet she sounds saying "bye".  It is so cute and she throws up a wave with it.  I could seriously just stare at her all day.

She loves to dance, sing, and play at the big kids' art table.  She only likes pens - will throw a crayon if you give her one.... smh!  Bath time is also a favorite and play time with the fam before bed is always fun.  We always read 3-4 books before bed.  She loves books and definitely has her favorites that we re-read each night.

She stopped nursing completely somewhere mid 17 months.  She was only doing at night - and I cherish (miss) our time.
She eats like a champ.  Her MMO teachers have asked me to start bringing her more food.  She goes straight to the pantry when she wakes up.  Bars, pouches, eggs and recently started liking cereal for breakfast.  Lunch - yogurt, string cheese, bananas, blueberries, left overs, turkey and She eats what we have for dinner - pasta being a favorite!  She still doesn't like any type of milk.

Going through cabinets (especially ones she shouldn't be in) are her favorite!

Sleep - She is a pretty good sleeper.  We had a rough few weeks where she was waking 5-5:45 in the morning.  Hoping she is back to her 6:30/6:45.  If she wakes up before 6:30 she has a morning nap, if not, it's just one afternoon nap for about 2.5 hrs and goes to bed by 7:30.

20.9 lbs 21%
30.25 in 8%
size 4 shoe
most clothes are 12 mo.

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