Monday, July 11, 2016

Kate ~ 14 Months

Our little punky is growing up so quick and learning new things every day.  She is quite the handful and likes to be on the move all the time... She is NOT a cuddler, which makes me sad.  If she is upset or mad, she will wave her hand in your face as if to say, "back off, I need my space"
She has learned how to get a reaction out of Max and Claire, especially when she is doing something she shouldn't be doing.  It's often funny, but we have to turn our heads if we want to laugh, re-direct or say a firm "NO".
She still raises her hand when we ask, "who is the number one punkers". It makes us smile every time!
Claire is still obsessed with her and wants to carry her all.the.time.  It's sweet, but also really annoying - to all of us.
Speaking of being carried... she is still crawling.  Max didn't walk until 15 months and I know all babies do things on their own timing, but I am ready for her to walk.  Kind of.  I may eat my words when she starts walking!  She will walk with her walker, hold one of my hands and walk, but as soon as she knows you are going to let go, she sits down.

She loves going to the pool.  Our neighborhood pool has a beach entry and she is content playing and splashing in the shallow area.  Occasionally she will start crawling to the deeper section.  I've been taking her down the water slide with me and she loves it!

She is a great eater.  Not surprisingly, she loves all carbs.  Yogurt, blueberries (for the moment, sometimes she wont eat them), animal crackers and cheese are other favorites.  She also likes black beans and all the meat she has tried.
She is not a fan of milk.  I am ok with this considering the amount of cheese and greek yogurt she eats.  I am still breastfeeding her twice a day; morning and night.  I have been following her cues and I can see this ending soon.  Each session is getting shorter and shorter.  I will miss this so much when she stops.  It's the only time she lets me hold her and is still for more than 2 seconds.

working on manners....

be still my heart
Other tidbits...
Clothes: starting to wear some of her 12 month outfits, although many are still to big
Size 3 diaper
Doesn't really wear shoes bc she is in between a 2 and a 3... tiny little piggies :)

Words: Dada, Bye, Hey, Peeaazzzzz (please), Cheeeezzz (cheese for when you take her pic)  I am still waiting on mama :(  The other day it sounded like she said "Ca" when she saw Claire.
She signs a little as well: "please", "all done", "bird", "airplane" and we have been working on "mommy" but that ends up looking like bird.  She used to sign "more", but now everything is please.  When she is ready to eat she starts signing "please" until you give her some food.  It's really cute!

Love this little nugget so much!

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