Monday, January 18, 2010

Why can't we always have three day weekends?!

It was so nice to have the day off!
Slept in til 8, had a good breakfast, Xango meeting,Target, great trip to gym and some cleaning!

I was looking forward to the gym today after having such a productive run yesterday. I ran for 44 minutes then did 10 min of abs. It has been a while since I have ran for that length of time. The past few months (since August) have set me back a little. I have been seeing a fertility specialist since May
of 09 and this August we started injections: menopur
This stimulates my eggs, and ha
s caused discomfort..mainly bloating. Dr. says to stick to low impact while doing injections. We had to take this past month off so I have really picked up my exercise.

This past weekend my friend Kristy and I were talking about no bake cookies. I remember making these as a little girl with my Grandmother, Jean Jean. I looked up the recipe and it called for: milk, sugar, peanut butter, cocoa, vanilla and oats. I didn't have these exact ingredients so I experimented with the following: diet swiss miss, country crock butter, skim milk, whipped peanut butter, sugar and oats....

Result: I think I broke the biggest rule in baking: not measuring! turned out pretty tasty and way to soft! wander why?!

Dinner tonight: Sloppy Joe's, salad and green beans

Justin wanted his on bread and I tried mine in a tortilla. They were "ok". If there is a next time, I'll make them from a recipe, not a package.

Time to run.... 24 and Bachelor are on tonight!!

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  1. Hey! If you were talking about a sloppy joe's recipe I've always just made mine with ground beef, about 1/4 cup of ketchup, 1/4 cup of water, and lots of chili powder. Cook it up til the water evaporates and it's delicious! (I add more ketchup or chili powder just depending on the taste after it simmers a while). :)