Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TCBY Tuesday!

TCBY Tuesdays are my favorite!! I love that when we go in, they know what we want - Justin always gets a small vanilla shiver with butterfinger and I always have to taste their "special" flavor of the day and usually get that in a kiddie size with a tiny bit of butterfinger and a tiny bit of reeses!
Tonight I tried the coffee mixed with vanilla and I am not happy with my decision... don't worry, I'm still gonna eat every bite :)

Today was a workday at school and I used lunch time for a doctor visit to see Dr. Deaton. Today's appointment was to see if I was ready for the next round of injections... and I was!
This is what I get to do for the next 10 days or so:

I was pretty scared this time bc I was trying a new brand (thanks Kristen) and when she used this brand it gave her welts. .. and the nurse warned me of the same thing. Well, I am happy to announce that it wasn't bad!
Praying that this will be a stress free month with positive results :)

Oh! Almost forgot.. my friend Amy asked if I wanted to participate in a sprint triathlon with her in April!!! I said YES and I can't believe it, but Justin said he wanted to do it too!!
Time to start training!

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