Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A day for me!

We had another snow day today and it was another optional workday so I decided to take it! I had a busy day and enjoyed every minute of it :)
I started off by going to Weight Watchers. I have been a member since July of 06 and lifetime for almost two years now! .... however the past two months I have had significant (at least for WW) gain so I didn't go. I have noticed that since we started the hormone injections my weight has crept up... sure I have cookies, ice cream and french fries - but I have always had them! The past two weeks I have been burning, on average, 27oo calories for the week (that's just at the gym) so I have finally given in to "it's the medicine". I had a long talk with my WW leader and she didn't make me pay and let me increase my goal weight so I can still attend meetings. This made me so happy and since I didn't have to pay for the missed months, I treated myself to a WW magazine!

February is my month to donate clothes/items to the Bargin Box for Junior League so when I got home from WW, I put together a bag of clothes that have been sitting for a while then headed to Brooke's for more bags! I took 4 bags!

Had a good lunch followed by my favorite Food Network cooking shows, did some laundry, then headed to the gym with my new magazine!
I am still doing low impact so I had a nice walk on the treadmill, did some on the bike, and worked those abs!

Justin called and asked me to pick up a new game so I headed to Wally World in search of something fun..... only left with UNO and SkipBo. Most games were for 3 or more peeps and that isn't helpful for when we want to have a game night.

Dinner consisted of Diet Coke Chicken with rice and green beans.. and darn - I forgot pictures!

Ahhh now more relaxing hoping there is a new Modern Family on tonight!!

2 hr delay tomorrow.. really?!!

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