Monday, February 1, 2010

No school today!
I guess it worked out since I had my doctor's appointment. Justin stayed in with me today and we went for an early workout, quickly came home to get ready then went for the IUI. Everything went fine. My nurse said it all looked great - that's the kind of talk we like to hear! Went with Justin to a job site then to Chick-fil-a!! YUM. How can you not love a #1. In fact, I could go for another one! Spent most of the day lounging and food shopping! Went to The Fresh Market for some fresh fruits and veggies then stopped at a new Italian Ice Cream shop, Gnam and Gnam.

This is what we got: Mint Chocolate Chip and Blood Orange Sorbet. I love the cute little cups they came in....but that probably added to the cost. $3.75 for 4oz.

This is what we had for dinner tonight - Chicken burgers with mash potatoes / spinach for me, peas for Justin. These were so good.. one of my new faves to make :)

This may be normal for most people but this is a big deal for me! I usually drink room temp water out of my camelback or a plastic cup...but I have decided to start drinking water out of a glass and making it look pretty! I usually drink almost 3 liters of water during the work day and occasionally have a small soda for dinner. This will help not drink the soda and put a new twist on my room temp water :)

On another note... debating going to work tomorrow. School is closed and it is an optional work day. It would be one thing if I had something to do but it is going to be so boring, I would rather just stay at home and get things done!
we'll see

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