Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sneaky , Sneaky

Yep that was me at Poblanos last night!
Exhibit A:  my jungle of a purse.  Here you see my brown rice chips and a small container of reduced fat sour cream! 
I love sour cream and it can add lots of un-needed calories when I eat... so I brought my own!  CHIPS, another major obstacle when eating Mexican.  These brown rice chips were great!.. but that doesn't mean I still did not eat any of their chips.  Justin made fun of me. Oh well!  I ate two corn tortillas with flank steak that was cooked in water instead of oil and I ordered black beans instead of the lard refried beans.  Not to bad!
I was still miserable full when we left and felt guilty about no gym today so I did a walking and abs video.  Give me a break! walking was hard enough after shoving my face eating Mexican!

update on Lent.  I have read my prayer book every night and still haven't touched a french fry!! yay me

Oh.. today I got talked in to a H2O aerobics class!  It will be fun.. just not sure I am ready to have on a bathing suit with my Mexican filled stomach and ghost white skin!

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