Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap

Ok, so I know I'm a little late but we have just been go, go, go!
Saturday Brooke and I went shopping. We have been wanting to go to a place called Poshh Boutique in High Point - and don't you know it.. they were closed... when they weren't supposed to be :( so we headed to Francesca's. I bought two dresses but Justin wasn't a fan so they are headed back to the store. oh well!
Got home just in time for a quick polish change and out to the door to go to Green's Super Club. We had a great time eating, drinking and lots of dancing (note to self: get shag lessons!) Here are a few pics from the night:
OK I AM MAD! I have spent the past 15 min. trying to paste my pics and it keeps coming up as gibberish? WHY??? this computer obviously doesn't know that today is NOT the day to do this!
Well that pretty much blows this post!
Sunday we went to Golden Coral for breakfast. WAIT. Don't judge!! I had the usual eggs, grits and bacon but for "dessert" I had the most mouth watering bread pudding!!!
You have to go try it! I'm telling ya!
Finished up the day with superbowl at Matt and Danielle's house. Ate WAY too much... it was like I was a different person! Ha!
Oh, I made Paula Deen's asparagus recipe you can find here:  They were awesome!! Phyllo dough was a b*!tch to work with but it was worth it!!

Today I was in a "mood" and I don't know why! Made it to the gym for a super quick workout, ran home, ate a salad and then it was off to Ann's for a XanGo meeting.
Now, finally relaxing watching the Bachelor!!
Let's hope pictures will post tomorrow!

figured it out somehow!
Best Buds!

My random dinner :) Wish I had gotten the steak!

Having fun shagging dancing!!

The fun continues.. notice Justin's beard - he only does it bc it drives me up the wall!

 Golden Coral breakfast:  I forgot to add I had French Toast too!

Ahhh! My favorite! Not the best representation.. but WOW!

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