Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Giddy UP!

That's what I need to do now that I have signed up for the Massacre Marathon !  My friend Heather and I talked about this a few weeks ago, and to tell you the truth, I forgot all about it... til yesterday.  I wish I could say I was completing a marathon on my own... but that is a million years away!  You can chose to run solo, two people or a four person team - we are four coed: Me, Heather, Justin and Kerry.  I will only run 1.6 at a time, four times.  Justin and I did this three years ago and it was lots of fun! I look forward to completing this and my  t-shirt! ha!  oh.. and the possibility of beer and pizza afterward just might make me pick up the pace :)

so last night I made a quick stop at Earth Fare, a local healthy supermarket.  I picked a few new items I am really excited about!
So yummy!  Today's lunch consisted of one of these heavenly tortillas, ff refried beans, lf shredded cheese, lf sour cream, salsa and some avocado!  It was sooooo good!  I can't wait to go back to Earth Fare when I have more time and can really root around the store!

Had a short visit to the gym.. last night I think I pulled a muscle in my back during the Knock and Pump class so I just did some treadmill walking = weather still blows!  I actually had to drag myself there bc I wanted Feeney's yogurt again tonight.  I decided if I burnt of the snacks I had today (morning snack: yogurt, afternoon snack: Jello inspirations- only 60 cal!) and had a light dinner, then I could have it!
So this is what I had for dinner --------->

Tostada, ff refried beans, rf sour cream cilantro, salsa, tilapia, and avocado! This was in a WW magazine and I am so in love!

Ya think I've had enough beans today!!

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