Friday, March 19, 2010

Beautiful Day!

A beautiful day starts with a good breakfast: fiber one cereal with bb, sb. and banana with an egg white omelet filled with asparagus
The asparagus didn't make the flip! 

I had another visit to Dr. Deaton today.  Once again, blood work came back showing more progress than the u/s.  I had three good size eggs and lots of little ones.  He decided to whoa it back on the medicine bc you don't want the little eggs to catch up and have a lot of eggs....that would probably end up in a canceled cycle and those are no fun!  I have to go back again on Monday and then we should be able to determine when the IUI is.
I hit up Subway on the way back to school.  6" turkey on WW.  I skip cheese. I figured if I can't really taste it, then I don't need to be eatin it!
Dinner was a yummy frozen pizza from Trader Joes! It was delish!  It was a mushroom truffle.  I added asparagus, artichokes and a pepper to my half.  I will def. have to buy this again!

The weather is absolutely beau-ti-ful today!!  I should have been outside on a bike ride or run but I had to go to JCrew to return a bridesmaid dress and order a new one (that was 20% off) before the sale ran out.  I was having so much fun browsing that I had to check out a couple more stores.  There are a lot of cute clothes for the spring/summer... I wish I could run across a money tree to buy some of them!
Tomorrow after my food deliveries I am going to try a few more shops then it is Girls night!! We are meeting late afternoon for Pedicures then heading back to Anna's for apps and wine!!!

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  1. Yay for good doctor news so far! I love shopping when it's nice outside hahaa