Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long day

Have you gotten over the time change?  I love the Spring time change but for some reason my body has not adjusted yet.  I have been a slug the past two days.  I almost tripped twice while walking to the gym bc I could barely keep my eyes open! 
I didn't take many pics today.... just breakfast and it was boring, but good, cereal.  I am too tired to find the camera to upload the pics.
I made a quick 40 min trip to the gym, quick shower, quick dinner (waffle with almond butter and banana and a bowl of chocolate cheerios) then off to a Leadership meeting.  Another success!  I love my team!
Justin was out watching bb game so I met him and some friends for two drinks.  Left him there so I could come home and go to bed.  He is getting a ride home so that means I have to take him to his car bright and early.ugh. at least he is being safe!

Have a dr appt tomorrow.... let's pray for good results!!  I am feeling positive this month :)

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