Saturday, March 13, 2010


Flowers are starting to come in!  I took a picture of this while I was waiting on a nice friend to pick me up for the gym.  Yep.  As I went to crank up the Honda, it didn't budge. My battery was way dead, Justin was at work and I had 10 min. to get to Knockout class.  I was SO mad.  I called my friend to tell her I wouldn't be making it and she was nice enough to scoop me up for Knockout and Strength classes.  They kicked our butt! I am sure I will have problems sitting tomorrow with all the squats and dead lifts we did :)

Made a leftover type of lunch.  The other half of my sweet potato.  This one was salty, not sweet. I added a little 2% cheese, garlic and a dollop of sour cream with a yummy salad.
didn't want to dirty up another bowl so this came next
 this had wheat berries, asparagus, artichoke hearts, red and yellow peppers, hummus, and a little piece of my left over chicky from last night drizzled with some balsamic glaze and a tad bit of goat cheese.

Mom decided she wasn't in the mood for a pedicure so we went to look for fabrics to make a valance for our living room. Success!  We got fabric and then went to get boards at Lowes.  They were nice enough to cut the boards for us.  I think we will have them made by tomorrow! yes!
We had a light dinner bc we knew we were having fro yo afterward.  J had a salad with grilled cheese and I had a loaded salad with a ff hot dog.

We have been talking about flipping our living room and den furniture for a while bc when we got our new furniture last year we didn't measure 100% correct and haven't been able to enjoy our leather chair.  So tonight since J said we had to stay in I suggested we flip the rooms.  So we did! It wasn't too bad.  I think it feels more homey.  The only prob. is we have two entertainment bases.  One is a nice, big piece from Stanley and the other is a cheapo from Target.  The nice piece is what based our flat screen and the target one had an old tv.  Well when we switched rooms we realized the big Stanley would make it a tight squeeze in the new room so we left it.  Problem: old, small, ugly tv is on the nice entertainment base.  I guess not that big of a deal but it doesnt look great.  Baby steps.  I am exhausted.  Need to go to bed early so we can get up for church.

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