Sunday, March 21, 2010

Girls Night Out and Weekend Re-cap

What a weekend!!  Yesterday was another beautiful day - perfect for a 9 mile bike ride with the hubs!
What is wrong with this picture?
It took Justin telling me that my helmet was on backward!  Oops!

After our bike ride I felt the need to stay outside a little longer so I mowed the yard! It looks so much better.  Came in to have this delicious lunch followed by making apps/dessert for GNO
fresh mozzarella, artichokes and spinach on a baguette drizzled with balsamic glaze!

Weight Watcher's Raspberry Zinger cake .. well this is before the icing!and I did not take a final pic. :(  It was pretty tasty if I do say so myself!!
I also made some homemade guac and had a cream cheese block covered in red pepper jelly. YUM

We started GNO at the nail salon for a pedicure. It was so nice to relax.  Then we headed to Anna's for drinks, apps, girl talk and a little cards!
enjoying the nice weather
we didn't like these at all!
these chips were a big hit!
Yummy red pepper pizza bites
having fun playing cards 

We decided this was so much fun and def. have to do again soon!!

Today we went to church, came home cut coupons, headed to the gym for a quick cardio workout, then to the Taj ma Teet for weekly groceries (spent more than i wanted), meeting, came back home and took Cole on a walk then a 16 min workout video.. Oh, chopped up some veggies and made dinner! Long day!
I should have been relaxing since my week looks like this:
Monday:  hair appt at 4:30 then straight to a Xango meeting
Tuesday: judge senior projects til 8:30 (so I will be at work 8am - 8:30 pm)
Wednesday:  same as Tuesday
Thursday:  I can come home after work but then have my first bible study at 7!!!
Friday:  we leave for ATL for the weekend!

Tomorrow I have another visit to Dr. Deaton.  This will determine when we do the IUI.  

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