Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I love you!

St. Patrick's Day four years ago is when J first said "I love You" I had met him at McCouls downtown for a St. Patty's block party.  I had come late from work and he along with our friends, Jay and Elizabeth had been there quite a while and a few drinks in.  I was going to get a beer with Jay and we told Eli and J we would meet them in a few.  Jay and I bought the beers and went looking for J and Eli.  It was packed.  While walking, my heel got caught in the hem of my pants and I fell. hard.  I banged up my knee, elbow, and hand.  Everyone stared and probably thought I was some drunk girl... (that's what made me the most mad - I haven't even had a sip)  I started crying out of embarrassment and anger.   We finally found J and Eli and I started crying to him saying it was his fault bc I was looking for him... yatta yatta yatta... then he picked me up, hugged me and swung me around saying "I love you, I love you, I love you" :)  I was so taken back!! We had been dating a little over a year and he had never said this.  The rest of the night he kept steeling kisses and mouthing I love you!  It was so sweet. He is not the type to show PDA but that night he did. I love Him!!  Sorry for the long story.  You probably want a snack now.

I was so tired all day. Not sure why.  I am out of eleviv and I went to bed late last night?
I came home thinking I was meeting some girls for drinks but wasn't going to be mad if they didn't call.  I just wanted a nap.  So that's what I did.  I even skipped the gym.  I feel a little guilty, but I have been for a lot of days straight.  A girl gets a break every now and then!  For dinner we had grilled chicken thighs.  J was running late so I tried to light the grill.  While waiting I had some asparagus ( after they bathed in ice water)
Dinner was delish!  Mash taters mixed with edamame mixed in and a side of spinach!

I was pretty full but remembered that wearing green while ordering at Feeney's FroYo got you 20% off!  I couldn't pass up a discount at my favorite place!  They even had ff Irish Cream and Shamrock Vanilla!! So we had a little dessert!

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