Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lawywers and Roots

Hmmm... where to start.  Today was interesting.  This morning I started with one of my old original breakfasts:
1/2 c fiber one loaded with bb, strawberries and a banana with 1/2 c milk with a half of an Arnolds Sandwich Thin with 2tsp of pb and a drizzle of honey
Within the first 30 min of work I got a phone call from my Brother's lawyer's secretary.  I had been subpoenaed and didn't know it!  They always send me a classified letter that I have to go to the post office to pick up.  Well... hello.. I work and not near that post office so I have no time to pick it up.  I kept getting a notice but I thought it was for the previous date that had passed and been continued (he got a dwi in 7/08 that for someone reason kept getting continued).  Anywho. Court was today.  I had two conflicts:  10:45 appt with Dr. Deaton and a 4:30 much needed hair appt.  I'll come back

So went to Dr. D for blood work and u/s.  My eggs are still little but my blood work has spiked (this is good) so he felt good with this month's progress.  I have to continue injections (already on day 8)  and go back for another u/s and blood work on Friday.  Will this ever end?! At least it is a lunch time so I can go to Penn Station!  off track.. so I got back to work to eat this yummy lunch.

broccoli and a black bean burger wrap and not pictured: 12 rice chips with 1 tbs of hummus. so good!
Got the call to go to the courthouse at 2 so I had to leave work at 1:30 (meaning I have to make up 3 hrs of work).   I was thinking we would be the first to go - NOT.  I had to sit and listen to a lawyer attempt to get his client out of a dui.  Have you ever sat in a courtroom and heard their defenses?  I mean, COME ON.  Anyone could do this job (Ok, i realize they have to know a bunch of laws and be able to quote a lot of stuff). they ask the same questions over and over again and just make themselves look like an idiot too.  I found myself laughing a shaking my head... prob. should have kept that to myself.  Verdict for my bro: He got off -  didn't have to do community service or anything! I couldn't believe it. I am so glad that is over!
ROOTS yes.  because of the lawyers rambling, I missed my hair appt.  I felt so bad.  We didn't get out of the courtroom until 4:30 so I couldn't call my girl until then.  Luckily I was able to reschedule for next Monday.  I just hate waiting!  My hair is screaming at me to get done... 

So.... since i didn't get my hair did, I headed to Zumba!  I love this class!! I did 20 minutes of arms before class started.  This class has gotten so popular that you have to take a number to get in the class.  I was 41 out of 54!  Great caloric burn: 581 with 50% fat burn!  
Was in the mood for a bean salad so this was dinner:
I normally make with black beans, but unbeknown to me, I was out.  Here we have northern beans, orange and yellow bell pepper, wheat berries, asparagus, red onion, artichoke hearts and a little goat cheese
I added a little hummus and balsamic vinegar to my serving
I decided to make a St. Patty's day cake for work tomorrow.  ... and of course, it needed to be green!
I had to root around to find a cake carrier and managed to make this mess in the process... all in the name of an 80s cake holder.  Ya think I could suck it up and just buy a new one?!
finished product
made with egg whites and yogurt!
80's tupperware!

Way past bed time!

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