Sunday, March 7, 2010

Picture overload

I finally have my camera back and will let it tell our weekend!
Friday was dinner with the Reaves at Village Tavern, probably one of my faves!
Calamari for app
Thai Chicken Skewers for dinner

These were delish and I am so mad I left my full box on the table. sigh.

After dinner we went back to the Reaves to play with these cute little boys and play some cards.

M wanted to play a hand too!

Saturday was all about Lindsey (Scooootssssss) bridal shower.  I b-lined to the gym, went to Stein Mart for some cute monogram gifts, ran home to shower, quick polish change, William Sonoma for more gifts, to Brooke's to pick up my camera, and tried Limited for a new outfit... SUCCESS! They have some cute stuff right now. I got a fun black dress but I have my eye on a green and white striped with some navy blue.. pretty Easter dress!! stay tuned for that!  
So I plugged in the address of the shower and it led me to this:

I had to pause.. was I at an office complex?? there's no way this is where the shower is! But it was! and it was decorated to the T with the coolest things.  I took lots of pictures of their artwork. We also got these beautiful champagne glasses that the host made!

Yummy food

This looks like we are posing for a Prom picture!! How cool is this horse?

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