Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rain go away!

Something you may not know about me -  I melt in the rain. not kidding!  Today I wore flats and of course it was down pour when I left work.  It's always fun to have feet floating in water.
Justin got tickets to the ACC tournament so he was out with the guys and I headed to the gym.  I did 1.5 run on the treadmill then a knockout class. Good cardio burn.  Sometimes I like making dinner for me bc I can experiment or eat things Justin would turn his nose up at!  Then my hair dryer decided to almost catch on fire so I headed to ULTA to get a new one! That's exciting :) and good that it happened tonight and not 7am tomorrow morning!
Eats today:  BTW I love the whole wheat waffle with almond butter, drizzle of honey and banana so much I had it for dessert tonight :)
For lunch I had a healthy choice that was pretty good followed by an afternoon snack of an apple and a few cheerios.
Dinner was a beautiful salad and half a mashed sweet potato with brown sugar and pecans. I forgot to add cinnamon. oh well.

Tomorrow I go see Dr. Deaton for an u/s and blood work.  I am sure I will have two more next week.
I still have not had any type of french fry or chip! 
I read my prayer book almost every night.  I did forget to take it with me when we went to Charlotte and I feel asleep one night.  Not to bad.  
My phone died before I left work today so I still don't have it figured out.  I might miss the zack morris phone!

TGI almost F

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