Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Bye Zack Morris!

As of today, I no longer have a phone like Zack Morris!! Ok so maybe I am exaggerating a little but...
Justin met me at the Verizon store and I was thinking I was just getting a slight upgrade, but he twisted my arm into getting the droid!  I have a touch screen! Honestly, I don't know if I'm smart enough to have one of these.  I am having a hard time already and my fat fingers press the wrong key.  the sales guy said I would get better :) and because he said so, I know i will!! Oh..and I got a pretty purple case so I don't mess it up!  I wanted green but they didn't have one.

Eats for today:
B: oatmeal with wheat berries, cottage cheese, pb and ab, blueberries, and bananas! so good!
Lunch was roasted veggies in a wrap with hummus 

I had planned on having chicken burgers for dinner tonight but Justin vetoed that and since he bought me a cool phone I made something else.  He really liked the baked spaghetti from the other night so I made a baked chk spag? I made it with egg noodles, ground chicken, roasted peppers and he wanted Alfredo sauce.  I compromised by mixing alfredo with marinara.  It was ok but def. not what we had the other night.
OH... guess what package I got today? My Chocomize bars!  I am hoping to give them a try tomorrow!

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  1. That's so cool you got a Droid!!! Ok even I think that chocolate looks pretty good ;)